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Same Day Dentures at Perfect Smiles For Less

Dental offices usually take three to four or even more weeks to create a personalized set of dentures. At Perfect Smiles For Less, we provide patients in need the ultimate luxury—sparkling dentures in just one day.

We make same day dentures possible as we have our lab right in our office premises, which eliminates the need to send your data to a lab—leading to a waiting period as you wait for your dentures to be made and shipped. The on-site presence of our expertise and dentures-making equipment ensures that our patients are entirely and methodically involved in the same day denture placement process.

What’s the use of same day dentures?

Essentially, dentures are prosthetic teeth made of acrylic resin and are sometimes combined with other essential metals. Same day dentures are removable and can be taken out at any time for sleeping or cleaning.

There are full dentures and partial dentures. Full dentures have the whole set of teeth covering the entire mouth, and partials are designed and made to fill in the place of a few missing teeth.

Dentures undergo continuous improvement with the help of scientific advancements in the field of dentistry and are always moving in the direction of appearing and feeling just like natural teeth. Therefore, don’t think that they are not real teeth, and won’t look great and fit comfortably! They will!

Why choose same day dentures?

At Perfect Smiles For Less, you can walk out with a new pair of dentures—without waiting for days, or even weeks. An added advantage of getting dentures placed with us is that you do so without any sacrifice regarding the quality of material used and time taken in making the denture.

We know that your smile is precious to you and that your confidence depends on it. Therefore, we aim to give you a quality set of teeth, which makes you proud to smile from ear to ear! Further, as everyday matters for you, thanks to our on-site lab, not only is a middleman eliminated but we are also able to provide you the smile that you wanted since the moment you walked into our office!

Getting used to your dentures

It does take a little time for your dentures to form a comfortable fit in your mouth. At first, eating and speaking with your dentures may be uncomfortable, but with time your life will be back to normal—except that you will now have a brand new beautiful smile for every occasion! But if you experience any pain, one of our several experienced dentists will make the required adjustments to your dentures.

The lifespan of same day dentures

Dentures, like any other material, deteriorate with the passage of time. But they will last longer and appear better if regularly maintained. It is recommended that you plan a visit to the dentist at least yearly—just as you would when you had a natural set of teeth. Sometimes, dentures need replacement, which is also a straightforward procedure just like denture placement.

Maintenance for healthy dentures

As dentures can break, it’s crucial to be gentle when cleaning them, placing and putting them in mild temperature water when it is not in use. This prevents them from drying out. You are also suggested to delicately brush them each morning before use.

Taking quality care of your dentures will ensure a healthy smile. To know if you are correctly taking care of your same day dentures, schedule an appointment today with Perfect Smiles For Less.

If same day dentures are a dental solution that you seek, get in touch with us today, and we will get you started on giving a radiant smile you have wanted for a long time.