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What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

The full range of reconstructive services from shaping and whitening treatments to comprehensive tooth replacement solutions constitute cosmetic surgery. Cutting-edge treatment methods, technologies, and tools are utilized in our office so that you can get back the smile you always desired.

Dr. Kaar has an important routine before commencing any cosmetic dentistry procedure. He discusses all the options with you so that you are informed about risks and benefits of each type of procedure. We examine all relevant costs related to the procedure, what to expect during the procedure, and the possibility of post-operation maintenance resulting from the treatment. The following are examples of some of the numerous cosmetic dentistry procedures on offer at Perfect Smiles For Less:

Teeth Whitening

For whiter, brighter, and more professional teeth, the whitening of the teeth is probably the most appropriate option for you. The need for teeth whitening arises as teeth get stained, discolored, or dull due to tobacco use, consumption of particular drinks and food, or medications. Teeth whitening by a professional is more effective and longer-lasting compared to whitening kits available over-the-counter—making it possible for you to wear a brilliant smile after just one visit to our dentist office.


Bonding is a perfect cosmetic dentistry solution for those having broken, chipped, cracked, or stained teeth. In a single-visit procedure, bonding restores stained or chipped teeth by putting tooth-colored resin materials or an etching solution directly onto the surface of the affected tooth.


Paper-thin and shells that look like teeth, dental veneers are cemented directly on the front façade of the patient’s one’s teeth to adjust their appearance in size, color, or shape. Veneers are apt cosmetic dentistry solutions that improve the appearance of teeth, which have worn down, chipped, crooked, are poorly shaped, or have spaces between them.

Dental Crowns

Caps or crowns are used for appearance or function. Dental crowns are useful in covering a discolored or misshapen tooth, hold a dental bridge in its position, or restore a worn or broken tooth. Crowns are used materials such as resin, metal, ceramic, or porcelain fused to metal. The choice of type of crown to be used is subject to the position of placement in one’s mouth. Though, natural tooth-colored materials are the favored choice for visible teeth.

Enamel Shaping

Contouring or shaping a patient’s enamel is a procedure in the cosmetic dentistry, and is used to resize, reshape, or reposition overlapping, crooked, irregular, or chipped teeth in some other way. The process of enamel shaping involves the contouring and removal of the dental enamel. It can be combined with dental bonding for an ideal finish.

Dental Implants

Usually, dental implants are used for functional reasons. They can also be utilized, in part, for cosmetic dentistry enhancements. They are well-suited for patients with decaying, damaged, or missing teeth. Implants as a teeth replacement option boost the health and function of one’s teeth and gums. It also dramatically improves the facial structure and the appearance of one’s smile.


Braces are utilized to straighten crowded, misaligned, or crooked teeth to attain a natural improvement of one’s smile. Braces, which are ceramic, metal, or clear plastic aligners, put pressure on one’s teeth to gradually reposition the teeth over several months. In time, the teeth are guided into the perfect position in one’s mouth.


Bridges are part of a long-lasting cosmetic dentistry procedure to replace a missing tooth or set of teeth. The bridge, comprising of a custom-designed prosthetic teeth or tooth, is held into position using adjacent natural teeth for support—bridging the gap caused by the missing tooth.

Apart from the above, there are several other cosmetic dentistry procedures used at our office. Whether you require crooked teeth to be evened out, lighten discolored teeth, change the form of misshapen teeth, or replace missing teeth permanently, we provide a cosmetic dentistry procedure that most suits your needs. Get in touch with our office today for a scheduled initial consultation to see how cosmetic dentistry can help make your smile beautiful and confident!