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How much do dental implants cost?

Perfect Smiles For Less offers low-cost dental implant solutions with the aim of restoring beautiful smiles for those with missing, decaying, or damaged teeth. View our dental implant prices below, and take advantage of significant savings on your dental implants by calling and scheduling your preliminary consultation today!

Dr. Darian Kaar: A Dental Implant Specialist

A skilled prosthodontist, Dr. Darian Kaar has more than 20 years of training and experience with specialization in dental implant procedures. Over two decades of practice, Dr. Kaar has carried out thousands of dental implant procedures for hugely satisfied patients and remains committed to the best possible standards in quality dental care.

Dr. Kaar is Diplomate of American Board of Prosthodontics and Board certified. He is also a member of International Congress of Oral Implantologists and a Fellow of American College of Prosthodontists.

Quality of our Dental Implants

The longevity, quality, and overall result of placing the dental implants depend on the expertise and experience of your dentist; materials used and their quality and the smooth execution of your treatment plan. At Perfect Smiles For Less, our well-trained staff and highly experienced Board-certified prosthodontist Dr. Kaar use the best possible quality materials and technology to carry out your customized treatment plan. Given below are just a few benefits you will receive after your dental implants are placed by us.


Our highest concern is your client satisfaction and quality care. But this does not mean your dental implants should cost the moon. Our dental implants are easy on the budget, and the payment plan options are flexible so that you get top quality care within your budget.

Use of Advanced Technology

We use advanced techniques and the latest technology used ensures that your experience of dental implant procedure with us goes without incident and worry. Thanks to significant improvements in dental implant know-how, we can carry out dental implants seamlessly and reduce your recovery time—saving you money and time.


From the second you walk into our office, we aim to make you feel welcome, informed and relaxed in our office. We spend time with you to answer clarifications and doubts you may have about your treatment plan or procedure, and also do an overview of the available payment options to make sure you are delighted when being treated at our clinic.

At Elite Dentistry, our experienced dental experts carefully choose the materials and the appropriate treatment plans during and after your procedure. The highly-trained staff and skilled prosthodontist Dr. Darian Kaar only use the best possible materials and technology to implement the treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Your dental implants should last a long time if they are placed by the right prosthodontist. So, don’t waste your money, time, and money in approaching an unqualified dentist for your dental implants. Come to Perfect Smiles For Less and have the implant placed the right way the very first time!