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Same Day Dentures at Perfect Smiles For Less

In most dental clinics, dentists need three to four or even more weeks to design and create a custom set of dentures. Here at Perfect Smiles For Less, we have the experience and technical know-how to offer the ultimate luxury of dental patients—placement of dentures in just one day.

Same day dentures are feasible as we have our lab in our office premises, and the clinic does not have to send patient data to a lab, and then wait for your dentures to be made and shipped. The presence of the lab allows patients to keep track of the entire denture placement procedure in the clinic.

What is the function of same day dentures?

Dentures are prosthetic teeth. They are made of acrylic resin, and sometimes use essential metals as a core material. You can remove your dentures, and take them out at any time for cleaning or when you go to sleep.

Dentures are either full or partial. Full dentures have the whole set of teeth, and they cover the entire mouth. Partials are designed and created to fill in the place of a few missing teeth.

The continuous technical developments in dentistry are resulting in advancements that are helping in making dentures appear and look just like a natural set of teeth. So, if you think or have been told that because they are not real teeth, they can’t seem great and fit comfortably—think again!

What are the reasons for choosing same day dentures?

At Perfect Smiles For Less, you can receive a new pair of dentures and not wait for days, or even weeks. While designing and creating the same day dentures, there’s no compromise on the quality of material used to make the dentures for which you waited with anticipation.

Everyone desires for a smile that’s nice to look at and projects confidence and health. We aim to provide precisely these assets with a quality set of teeth that makes you smile big. Indeed, each day matters for you, and thanks to our on-site lab the middleman is eliminated, and we can give you the smile you had been dreaming of when you walked into our office!

Getting used to the fit of your dentures

Yes, dentures do require time for adjustment so that they form a comfortable fit in your mouth. When you start using dentures, speaking and eating may lead to a bit of discomfort. But it does not take a lot of time for you to get acclimatized with your dentures, and soon you will be back to your routine but with a big plus—a brand new beautiful smile to show off! And even if you experience some pain, one of our many experienced dentists can make the appropriate adjustment to your dentures.

What is the lifespan of same day dentures?

As they are material-based, dentures can deteriorate with the passage of time. But with adequate care and maintenance, they will not only look better but also last longer, making your investment a long-term success. It is advised that you see your dentist for a check-up at least once a year—the same way you would for your natural set of teeth. Sometimes, dentures require replacement, the process for which is just as easy as getting them placed.

How can dentures be maintained to keep them healthy?

As dentures can break, it’s advised to be gentle when cleaning them, placing them and putting them in mild temperature water when not in use to prevent drying. Each morning, before use, dentures and gums should be brushed delicately. Thoughtful care of your dentures will ensure a healthy smile.

To know more about taking care of your dentures or if you require same day dentures, schedule an appointment with Perfect Smiles For Less today.